Dirty Little Secrets: Dirty Little Secrets 9 / OLS 25LHunt application
Only Apply to paths you want to join- it is not required to join all. Each path joined is a separate gift ( item ) You can join as many paths as you are willing to make items for.
Store Name *
(Exactly as you want it to appear on Participation list)
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Store owners Name (NOT SL Display name) *
This is the person getting the items- If using a manager, both will recieve
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Name of person to join group
DO NOT APPLY WITH AN ALT YOU DO NOT CHECK! We drop all we need to contact more than one time. Do not use manager unless well established with store over a few months. Last hunt to many managers were issues.
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Slurl to Store *
To find proper slurl - At store landing click on MAPS on viewer- copy slurl option-paste or right click your landmark- copy slurl - paste
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Do you understand rules and requirements? *
This is important to keep us all on same page!
Do you understand SIGN-ITEMS must be rezzed - when received AND HINT/PIC must be given? *
Many choose to ignore. Do not apply if you can not handle timeline like the rest!
Did you send full perm logo to Lynn Pooley *
This will replace landmark in your stores items- Rename logos as listed on app form
Path 1
Choose one from list below you are joining - If Item you make is unisex join male and female and provide same gift in both if you choose to not make separate gifts
Path 2
Path 3
Would you like to sponsor this hunt?- Each path sponsored is 100L
Would you like to be sponsor for this hunt - LIST PATH OR PATHS YOU WOULD LIKE TO SPONSOR - STATE FEMALE - MALE OR OLS 25L or All 3 so I know where to place you. Those who do not sponsor will follow sponsors in exact order as applied. Leave blank if not sponsoring.
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