Order Your Communion Elements
In order to fully participate in the Park Ridge Community Church ONLINE worship experience on June 7th, we would like for each household to have elements for communion. We'd like those who would like to participate to let us know if you would rather pick up your elements curbside on Friday, June 5th or have it delivered to your home. Volunteers will be protected and those who are picking up will remain in their cars.
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How many servings of Communion do you need? (Communion elements will be prepackaged cups of juice and wafers.) *
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Delivery or Pick-Up
Your Sunday Communion Elements will be ready for you - either delivered to your home by one of our volunteers or ready for pick up curbside at the Butler Place entrance of PRCC.
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HOME DELIVERY ORDERS: Please give us a phone number to call or text when your order is delivered. Let us know this is a cell or home phone, then list it on the "other" blank.
HOME DELIVERY ORDERS ONLY: List Address (including any unit number, city, and zip code)
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HOME DELIVERY ORDERS ONLY: Any additional delivery instructions/ requirements (Leave in lobby, etc.) Bags will be labeled with your name.
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CURBSIDE PICK UP ORDERS ONLY: Sign up for a pick-up time slot. We will space our orders so there will not be a line or overlap (You will be contacted if we need a change in time). Please do not get out of your car, simply pull in on Butler Place, from Courtland Ave (car pointing West), roll down passenger side window to tell us the name on the order, and it will be placed on the front seat.
CURBSIDE ORDERS ONLY: Will you be picking up another person's order? If yes, what is the name on the order.
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