Apply as a trainer to Game On Summer Camp Romania (Iași) 2019
Job description:

To read the camp manuals and familiarize yourself with all areas of camp before arrival.
To participate in the induction workshops and the preparation days (3 days before summer camp starts).

To ensure the safety and welfare of the campers at all times.
To eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with the assigned group, ensuring proper table control, manners and that each child eats sufficiently.
To keep track of camper dietary restrictions and allergies and ensure proper snacks/meals are distributed to each camper in your group.
To facilitate group activities for campers.
To mediate any conflicts that may arise between campers.
To report any notable concerns or incidents to camp coordinators.
To actively supervise campers during chill out time.
To be in charge of planning and running workshops and sessions, ensuring quality of activity and that children exercise respectful behavior at all times.
To actively supervise and participate in the evening activities as assigned.
To do any other duties which may be required from time to time from camp coordinators.

To write reports (by following the format provided) about each camper from your group.
To get involved in post camp projects within Game On community.

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