Succora Beta 1

Some of these tests will require an avatar that is not authorised by the ship, for such tests you will need either a friend or an alt who is not listed in the ship's users notecard. (Said notecard can be found inside the database).

The Succora HUD's appearance is not yet final, while it is required to test the ship the behaviour of the HUD itself is not part of Beta 1 testing. To test the ship make sure you're using AT LEAST version 0.57 as certain communication scripts have changed.

Known issues:
Tap-tap run may cause the flight script to get stuck unable to change modes.
Considering replacing the feature with a HUD button/gesture/command.
NOTE - Since latest patch I can no longer reproduce this bug, requires testing attention.

Activating FTL from the rezzed nav console causes unexpected behaviour and possible jumping of the scene to 0,0,0 or its derez. Feature has been removed from the scene for 1st release, will investigate later in more detail.

    Succora 0.2.19
    This is a required question