CCBC 2018 Membership Survey
Welcome to the 2018 membership survey! This survey will ask questions about member demographics, membership experience, CCBC programs, and social media and computer literacy. This feedback is valuable to us to make improvements to our programs, better support our members and apply for funding for programs.

Anyone who completes the survey can be entered to win a pop-up shop in the CCBC Shop and Gallery in 2019. A pop-up shop will allow you to take over our exhibitions space to sell your work and interact with customers for the weekend of June 22-23, 2019. You will receive 70% commission for any sales and be responsible for running your shop. Any member who completes the survey will be eligible, regardless if you have passed SOQ (although we strongly encourage it so you can get valuable feedback on your work!). If you want to be entered in the draw please include your contact information at the end of the survey.

This survey should take 15 min to complete

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