Transgender/GNC groups
Please complete this form to register for upcoming groups only if you have previously completed the consent form. If you're not sure, indicate below. The consent form only has to be done once, prior to the first group you attend. A link to it is available on my website. Questions? Please email
I have attended a prior group and/or have completed registration & consent previously for myself and/or my teen. *
Name and Email of Parent/Guardian attending Parents Group, if applicable.
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For parents or teens: We would love your feedback! Do you have any comments/suggestions/concerns about the groups you have attended with us? Any topics/resources you would like to learn more about?
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My teen is planning to attend the next Friday Teens group. (Please check only the upcoming group- come back next month to pre-register again.) *
Preferred Name of Teen attending. Preferred pronouns.
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There will be snacks and drinks for the teens. Teens meet in the conference room on the 4th floor. Parents meeting room to be determined. There will be signs when you arrive at 10 Ferry Street/The Concord Center that tell you where to go. Email/Call/Text Deb if you need Thanks for pre-registering and see you there!
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