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We're so excited to be sending out early review units of Countdown.. and even more excited that you want one! .

Review unit requests are open to everyone. The review program is meant to help provide us with feedback on what you like and what can be improved with our first toy. If you are selected as a reviewer, we will send you a review unit along with some follow up surveys after you've had time to play!

We sincerely want honest feedback and you are welcome to share any thoughts you have either publicly through any of your social media accounts or privately directly to us.

Please note: We reserve all rights to select who will receive a review unit. We are trying to get a broad mix of parents, reviewers, kids and other factors to get the best possible feedback.
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We're producing 3D printed, early test units. These are not final units, but are in a great testing state. We are sending these out to solicit feedback from potential customers/reviewers to determine any final changes before we go to production.
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Anything we should know about you, how you plan to play with Countdown or any other details on why you'd be a great early tester are welcome.
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Countdown can be upgraded by connecting it to your computer via USB.
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