Nightingale Music Indie Artist/Composer Submission Form
Thank you for your interest in Nightingale Music. We are not currently accepting composer/artist submissions however, if you would like to submit your details and examples of your music, we may reach out to you in the future when we are working on new projects and will contact you ASAP if there is a fit!

Please do not write to us more than once, unless you would like to update your information and links.

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What is your name, and Artist Name (if different)? *
Do you own all of the rights to your music (publishing and master side)? (Yes or No) If not, please elaborate on what rights you have: *
What is the main general style/genre of your music? If you had to compare your music to a mainstream artist/composer who would that be? *
Please check of which of the following applies to your music: *
What country and city are you based in? *
What is your Citizenship? *
Are you a touring/performing artist? *
Are you a Composer and/or Band looking for sync representation? *
If you answered yes to the previous question, please list any other current companies/agents you have existing representation deals with. Please include links if available.
Are you looking to compose music for a production music library? *
If you DO want to write music for a production music library, have you done so before? If yes, please include a list of which libraries and links to examples of your work.
Please include links to your social media and examples of your music (Soundcloud, Spotify, Instagram, etc.) *
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