The Avenue - Monthly Blogger Report
The Avenue Event is a monthly event and works with the collaboration of about 25 different designers who create themed new items, exclusive only for this event!.
The Avenue Event runs from the 1st of each month till the 22nd.
The Avenue Event as a whole, not just 1 brand.
So the rules are as follows:

1 - We ask 3 posts with 8 DIFFERENT designers covered
2 of those posts should have a main focus on The Avenue Event.
1 post must include items from The Avenue Event but wont need to have the main focus on it.

2 - Your first post MUST include the monthly The Avenue Event poster, which will be given out in group

3 - Your posts should be made DURING the event, posts made before or after the event will not be counted.

4 - The designers items must be CLEARLY visible in your images
Make up, nails, jewelry, shoes, should CLEARLY be showcased, close ups when applicable.
If we have to guess over an item we will NOT count it towards a post for The Avenue Event.

5 - Always add the landmark to the event in ALL your posts

6- Add all your works to our Flickr Pool :

7 - At the end of each round, fill in the blogger report, which can be found on the website.

8 - Communicate!
If for some reason you wont be able to make a rounds commitments let us know so we can take this in account.
When we see posts don't meet our requirements for no known reason, we will end the sponsorship.

* NOTE:there may be sent items out for White Nights, you will not be required to blog them but of course you can use those items in your blogs, we will not count them though.

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The Avenue Event - Brands and Post
Here the links to your blog posts, please note, I will not count the items that I need to microscope view.
Blogged Nails? Show me the nails. Blogged make up? Show me the make up. Posted a ring? Show me the ring!
in other, sadly strict words, If I cant see it I wont count it!
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Post 3 - The Brands you blogged *
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Thank YOU !
Thank you very much for taking the time to blog The Avenue Event!
We truly appreciate your time into styling the products of our designers and reach a wider public by showcasing them into your blog. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know inworld and I will do my best to help you!
~ Emlies !
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