Blink of an Eye Listener Survey
We’d like to know about our listeners. And we thank you for being a loyal listener!  Please answer all or some of the following questions. Your feedback is valued and will help us shape the next Season!  This survey will take you about 10 minutes, and you don't have to answer every question.
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Gender identity if willing to share
Where you live
Do you have a child/ren?
Do you have a family member or friend living with SCI?
Are you subscribed to BOE?
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If yes, was it easy to subscribe where you stream your Podcasts, or was subscribing new to you?
Are you a patron on Patreon?
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Have you been inspired to check out or donate to the non profit supporting SCI families thru crisis?
Anything else you’d like to tell us about you so we can better understand our listeners?
Favorite episode of Season 1? Least favorite? Why?
What you liked/learned most in Season 1? Found difficult in Season 1?
Favorite episode of Season 2? Least favorite? Why?  
What you liked/learned most in Season 2? Found difficult in Season 2?
Did you have a different listening experience with sound and music added to Season 2? Did you prefer no sound enhancement or sound enhancement?
Moving forward, would you rather hear Louise give some context to whet your appetite at the beginning or have her go straight into the story at the beginning of the episode? Which is most likely to enhance your listening?
We will be moving to have sponsors now that there are thousands of listens! What types of sponsors would you be interested in hearing us advertise? (What types of companies, products, etc should we be targeting/accepting for sponsorship that you’d be interested in hearing about)?
Do you prefer sponsor announcements at the beginning, middle, or end of the episode?
Do you like the music selections from Season 2? Do you want greater variety? Or different sound? Or do you like it as it is?
Do you listen to only the Blink of an Eye story episode? Only the Trauma Healing Learning episode? Or both?
How do you search for Episodes? By number or title?
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How did you hear about Blink of an Eye?
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What keeps you listening to Blink of an Eye?
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Which titling/numbering system do you like better for Season 3 for finding story episodes, for finding Trauma Healing Learnings episodes:  
CHOICE A: Episode 1: Where Do we Go Now , Trauma Healing Learning 1: Memory and Trauma,  CHOICE B: Episode 1: Story: Where Do We Go Now, Episode 2: Trauma Healing Learning: Memory and Trauma
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13. How often do you listen to Blink of an Eye? Are you a Regular Wednesday listener? Throughout the week, random? Other? Spotty here and there?
Do you binge listen in batches or one at a time?  
Did you start listening to Blink at the beginning of the story, Episode 1 Season 1, and move through it? Or skip around? What is the best way to listen to Blink of an Eye?
Do you listen to most episodes completely to the end? Or part way? How far do you get in an Episode? Do you listen to the intro? Skip anything? Listen in full?
What other podcasts/types of audio content do you listen to?
Where do get your Podcasts?  Apple? Spotify? I Heart? Podbean? Other?
Are you doing anything else when you listen to Blink of an eye?
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Is there a day of the week or time of the day when you listen to Blink of an Eye? When?
Have you told your friends about Blink of an Eye? Do you know if they subscribed and/or listen?
Why do you listen to Blink of an Eye?
Is there any meaningful learning or insight you have gained from Blink of an Eye that that you’d like to share? Thank you!
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