Tech Innovators #15: Investing in Large Language Models: Viable Business Cases
Language is no longer just words on a page – it's a dynamic gateway to innovation. Join us this September for the Tech Innovators 15, where we delve into the boundless capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs). These cutting-edge models are rewriting the rules of communication, learning, and problem-solving, propelling businesses into a new era of possibilities.

Let’s explore the challenges and opportunities of Large Language Models with our leading speakers:
👨‍💻 Mr. Jesse Arlen Smith: Regional Business Development Lead Data & AI, Crayon Speaker
👨‍💻 Mr. Tran Quang Minh Tan: Software Development Head of AVI & DX Data Cloud Community Lead, FPT Software
👨‍💻 Mr. Gandhi Jaykumar Shaileshbhai: Deployment Strategist, Global Digital Transformation Division, FPT Software

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⏰ Time: 14h00 - 15h30 (GMT+7), September 6th, 2023
📚 Language: English
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