2019 Curricular In Action (CIA) Trip
DESCRIPTION of CIA Trip: 55 cadets will travel from PVHS to Las Vegas via Washington County School District bus and then travel via commercial air from Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS) to Richmond International Airport (RIC) on Tuesday, 15 Oct 2019. From Richmond the cadets will travel via Charter Bus to Great Wolf Lodge, Williamsburg and enjoy the indoor water park. On Wednesday, 16 Oct, cadets will tour Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown during the day and then return to Great Wolf Lodge. On Thursday, 17 Oct, the student will have the morning and afternoon at Great Wolf Lodge and then bus via Charter to Busch Gardens Williamsburg Theme Park. The CIA Trip will then transition to our Nations Capital as the cadets will tour various sites in Washington DC on Friday, 18 Oct. That night the group will stay near the United States Naval Academy. On Saturday, 19 Oct the cadets will have the unique opportunity to tour the Naval Academy and watch the South Florida vs Navy Football game. We will return on Sunday, 20 Oct departing out of Baltimore/Washington International (BWI) to Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS) and then on to PVHS via Washington County School District bus.

COST: $550.00

Qualifications to attend CIA Trip:
1. All AFJROTC Fees/Program Costs Paid by 23 Aug (Class Fee/Starving Student Card/Chocolate Fundraiser obligations)
2. GPA for 1st Quarter must be a 2.0 or higher in PowerShool (Friday, 11 Oct Deadline)
3. No Failing Grades (Friday, 11 Oct 2019 Deadline)
4. Paid $550 to Finance Office by Tuesday, 23 Aug 2018

If the number of qualified cadets exceeds the number of available CIA Trip slots we will use the following Four Criteria to Rank Order and select cadets for all 55 slots (100 Points Possible):

1. $550 payment dates for competitive points:
- 30 Points if paid on or before 7 June 2019
- 25 Points if paid on or before 14 June 2019
- 20 Points if paid on or before 21 June 2019
- 15 Points if paid on or before 27 June 2019
- 10 Points if paid on or before 16 August 2019
2. Physical Fitness Test Score multiplied by 25% (Possible 25 points)
3. 1st Quarter GPA multiplied by 8 (Possible 32 Points)
4. Sell 5 Starving Student Cards by 30 Aug (13 Points)

*Note: Reimbursements for cancellation will NOT be honored after 23 August 2019 unless their are sufficient cadets on the alternate/waiting list and the cancellation is requested prior to 23 August 2019. All qualified cadets on the alternate list who are not selected to attend the CIA Trip will be reimbursed the $550.

PAYMENT DEADLINE: Friday, 23 Aug @ PVHS Finance Office or MySchoolFees (Cash/Credit ONLY).

REFUND POLICY: All payments are non-refundable after Friday, 23 Aug. Exception: If there is a waiting list (e.g. a paid cadet that did not get selected but is waiting for an open slot if a selected cadet drops) or another cadet is willing to take your place and has paid the $550 prior to or on 23 Aug 2019.

PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS (payment options are CLOSED during the summer from 25 Jun thru 31 Jul).:
- Pay by Credit Card or Cash at PVHS Finance Office (NO PAYMENTS VIA PHONE) or
- Online at myschoolfees.com: https://secure2.myschoolfees.com/start_v2.aspx
- Payment Instructions:
1. Go to MySchoolFees.com and register for an account if you do not have one
2. Sign In/Login to your account
3. You Must Select in the Dropdown: UT – WASHINGTON – PINE VIEW HIGH SCHOOL
4. Select Student Items if you are a student that is enrolled at PVHS, otherwise Select Public Items if you are a student
enrolled at HHS, HMS, PVMS, CCMS, CCHS, MHS, or any other guest looking to pay for Summer Orientation Camp
5. Select Category: JROTC/AERONAUTICS
6. Click on Add to Cart for Orientation Camp
7. Click on Checkout once you have finished filling your cart
8. Name of person items are for: Enter the LAST NAME, FIRST NAME in ALL CAPS
9. Click Continue to Checkout
10. Click Pay Fees (You are agreeing to the Web Fee Policy)
11. Enter your Credit Card Information and Click Process
Questions: Please contact Carole Mathis (628-5255 x4105)
*We encourage you to pay prior to 25 June if you want to increase your opportunity to go.

PARENT CHAPERONES: We will select 8 out of all interested "active" Boosters based on the involvement and Booster President recommendations.

Recommended Funds to Bring to cover "on own" food cost and souvenirs: $100-$150
- Tuesday, 15 Oct Travel Day -- Cadet responsible for Breakfast and Lunch
- Wednesday, 16 Oct -- Cadet responsible for lunch during Jamestown Tour
- Thursday, 17 Oct -- Cadet responsible dinner at Busch Gardens
- Friday, 18 Oct -- Cadet responsible for lunch during Washington DC Tour
- Saturday, 19 Oct -- Cadets responsible for dinner during Navy Football Game
* AFJROTC provides meals for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with the exception of the above listed

Itinerary & Packing List Will Be Posted on the Website NLT 20 Sep 2019

DATES: 15 - 20 Oct 2019

LOCATION: Williamsburg VA | Washington DC | Naval Academy

DEPART PVHS @ 4:00 AM for Las Vegas Flights on Tuesday, 15 Oct

RETURN to PVHS @ 1:00 PM on Sunday, 20 Oct

HOTEL ADDRESSES: Will be released upon finalized contract


CADET in CHARGE: Anthony Parra & Carolina Rodriguez

CADRE MENTORS: Lt Col Thomas Brown & Maj Don Richardson

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