Belly Dance Flash Mob Registration Form Summer 2019
Please complete the form below by July 11th. You will receive an invoice within 24 hours. Registration fee ($25) is due by July 12th. Registration is not complete until payment is received. Once your registration fee is paid, you will be invited into the secret Facebook Group where the choreography and instructional videos will be posted.
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I am interested in participating at the following events. (Check all that apply. Your $25 fee covers ALL events.) *
I understand that I am committing to a payment of $25, received by Kassi Brent by July 12th, 2018. If my payment is late, my registration will be removed and I will be unable to participate. Refunds will not be available after July 12th. I am committing to performing at at least one of the three dates listed above. I am willing to be at the event at the time specified by the coordinator. I understand that if I am late or do not show, that I will not receive my T-shirt or a refund. I will be a cheerful and willing participant. I understand that if my attitude is presented as a hindrance to the joy and teamwork of the other women that I may be removed from the group, at the discretion of the Event Coordinator, without a refund. I understand that I am responsible for learning the choreography and that if I need additional assistance, that I need to reach out before the optional Dress Rehearsal. *
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