2021 Green Building Awards Nomination Form
Nominations must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, December 6, 2020

Sustainable San Mateo County (SSMC) and the American Institute of Architects San Mateo County Chapter (AIASMC) are sponsoring the 2021 Green Building Award. This award is given to a project that promotes green, sustainable design and construction. It also supports environmentally friendly design in architecture and recognizes the architects, builders and owners of these green buildings.

The Green Building Award is open to any building constructed or remodeled within the last five years and located in San Mateo County. Remodels and additions are also eligible to apply for the award. To apply for the award, your project must have completed its final inspection by Friday, December 4, 2020. Previous submittals may apply if their original projects have had additional substantial green improvements. The Green Building Award winner will be selected by an independent panel of recognized professionals in the disciplines of green and sustainable construction.

To nominate a building, please fill out the form below. In addition, you must submit additional materials outlined at https://sustainablesanmateo.org/home/nomination-criteria/ and at the bottom of this form to: advocate@sustainablesanmateo.org OR you can send a USB drive with images to Sustainable San Mateo County, ATTN. Green Building Award, 2955 Campus Drive #110, San Mateo, CA 94403. You can also make arrangements with us to drop off the material in person by calling ahead to the office: 650-918-1992.

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Project Narrative | Summary *
Please submit a summary to support your application. Your description must be limited to 250 words. In the sections below, please describe how your project addresses each of the following environmental performance criteria. Guiding questions are listed under each objective. Each section will be weighted as indicated by the number of points. We suggest that you draft your narrative on a computer and paste it here, as you won't be able to access your application after you submit it.
Energy Conservation and Efficiency - [ 30 points ] *
What measures were taken to reduce energy usage? | If the project generates energy, approximately how much of the energy needs are supplied? | Did you set an energy usage goal at the beginning of the project? | Did you reach your goal? | Were you striving for a Zero Net Energy or Zero Energy Ready building? | How close to ZNE is your building?
Materials and Resources - [ 20 points ] *
How was construction and demolition debris reduced, reused or recycled? | How was the need for virgin resources minimized (both present and future)? | How does the project utilize rapidly renewable or sustainably managed material?
Footprint and Community Impact - [ 15 points ] *
How does the project decrease its impact on the surrounding natural environment and community? | How does the location of the site minimize development and vehicle travel? | How does the project use materials that decrease associated energy and water?
Indoor Air Quality - [ 15 points ] *
What measures were taken to protect indoor air quality? | How were the connections between the outdoors and indoors made?
Water Conservation and Management - [ 10 points ] *
How does the project reduce water usage? | How does the project manage and/or reuse stormwater on site?
Innovation and Design - [ 5 points ] *
What whole-systems approaches were utilized to ensure the components work together? | What sustainable design principles were utilized to improve environmental performance?
Presentation and Other Considerations - [ 5 points ] *
Optional - No response required
IN ADDITION, PLEASE SUBMIT the following Required Submittals and Optional Submittals by email, by sending in a USB drive, or by calling ahead to 650-918-1992 and arranging to drop off your submittals to Sustainable San Mateo County, "ATTN: Green Building Award," 2955 Campus Drive #110, San Mateo, CA 94403.
• Site plan with north arrow. Remodel projects must submit “before” and “after” photographs.
• Floor plans
• USB drive with images (include notable features, as appropriate)
Submitted documentation will not be returned.
By submitting the application you are authorizing full rights to use the materials for any SSMC promotional materials.

• Energy bill (before and after, if remodel)
• Water bill (before and after, if remodel)
• Green Building rating system results (LEED, CHIPS, Build it Green, etc.)
• Construction and demolition diversion rate
• Energy performance ratings
• Percent on-site renewable energy generation
• Amount of salvaged, recycled or sustainably harvested material used
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