Eat Kune Do
Thank you for your interest in dining with me at one of my Eat Kune Do dinners! I'm looking to open my dinner parties to more folks, start accepting donations, and try more new dishes!

I ask that each interested person please sign up separately! There's four short pages, but I value all your answers and thoughts, so please take your time to fill it all out!

The Basics
I'd like to know how to contact you and a little bit about what you'd like to eat.
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What are some of your favorite foods? *
Name specific dishes, ingredients, flavors, or anything that comes to mind that you enjoy eating.
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Are there any ethnic or regional cuisines you're especially fond of? *
Tell me some examples of dishes or flavors you enjoy from that culinary area and tradition. (For example: I love Italian cuisine especially rich saucy pastas like carbonara. I miss Hawaiian plate lunch.)
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