Burnout Breakthrough Pre-Call Discovery
This is to help you discover where you are at currently, where you want to go and what kind of support you are looking for to determine if getting on a call together is the next right step for you.
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Please rate your current level of stress at work. *
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Stressed Out Completely, Feel Like I'm Drowning in it
Please rate your current level of stress at home. *
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Stressed Out Completely, Feel Like I'm Drowning in it
Please rate your current level of anxiety. *
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Constantly Anxious Every Day
Please rate your current level of Exhaustion. *
Not tired at all, feeling fully recharged and refreshed
Completely drained, I have so much to do and no energy to do it all
Please rate your current level of overwhelm. *
Not Overwhelmed at All
I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders.
Please rate how content you are with your work/professional role. *
Completely Unsatisfied
Completely Happy
Please rate how passionate or connected you feel to your work. (Allow yourself to do this guilt free, there is no judgement here, please be honest with us and with yourself, it's ok no matter what your rating is) *
It's just a job to pay my bills
I love my work, everyday is meaningful and I feel so fulfilled and excited going to work everyday
Please rate how confident you are in managing and optimizing your finances to support your goals. *
Financial stuff completely stresses me out, what are financial goals?
I am a personal finance master, I'm exactly where I want to be financially
What kind of support have you already tried to get to support you with how you have been feeling? Select all that apply. *
What is going well in your life right now? *
What is not going well in your life right now? *
*IMPORTANT STEP* If you had all the money you needed to pay your bills, what would your ideal life look like where you can have the impact you want ? What dreams or goals are you working towards? (Ex. how much would you work, what kind of work would you do, how often would you spend time with your family/friends/partner/kids, how often would you go on vacation and where would you go, what events or learning oppourtunities would you go to or like to have, etc.) *
*IMPORTANT STEP* Now that you have gotten clearer on what you want, why do you want it? What would it mean to you, to your family/kids/partner/friends, to have this kind of life? How would you feel emotionally  if the above was your reality? *
How serious are you about investing in yourself and getting the support you need to have a life where you can handle any stress or crises that comes your way with calm and confidence. Where you are happy with your life and have quality relationships with the people you care about at home and the people you work with everyday. How committed are you willing to be to have the life you truly want? *
Don't need help or support
Fully committed to investing in myself
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