LifeJAM Application Form for Hosts
Do you have a project or a business idea that you want to brainstorm?
Are you seeking support in the community?
Do you have an idea of how to create meaningful work for yourself, but need that little extra boost to make it happen?

Apply to participate in 1 of 5 pilot LifeJAMs in the winter/spring of 2012 & Receive FREE One-on-One and Group Coaching to move forward on your goals for Meaningful Work!

To learn more about the LifeJAM, visit

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Please read through this check-list and make sure that you can commit approx 10-15 hours to the following LifeJAM steps during its pilot phase (up to July 2012): *
You will be responsible for finding a venue for your own LifeJAM, providing some refreshments, and reaching out to your JAMMERS. Please indicate your preference for a time-frame for your LifeJAM *
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