PLTW Grant opportunity-. PLTW 2019 Launch Participation Fee & Launch Classroom Teacher PD available for PK-5 schools at no cost.
Through funding from CS4RI, PLTW is offering the following grant to Rhode Island districts/ schools:

1. PLTW Launch Classroom Teacher Training will be covered for teachers/ library/ media specialists/tech integrator's. We recommend sending at least 2 teachers per school if possible. This cost is normally $500 per teacher. Training will take place on June 10&11th, 2019 in Rhode Island.

2. Annual participation fee will be covered by the grant for each elementary school that registers *Based on first registrations- school will be responsible paying the participation fee after grant year is over

Please fill out the form below as this PD is open to a total of 24 teachers. Please respond by May 1, 2019. For more information, including Launch demo or any questions, please contact: Suzie Snow PLTW Director of School Engagement at 603-957-0899 or

*PLTW Launch curriculum is compatible with Chromebooks, iPad and Android Devices and is available in English and Spanish.

Short Video: Engaging Elementary Students in Computer Science
Short Video: PLTW Launch in Ann Arbor, MI
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Name (s) and email for each teacher that will be sent to PLTW Launch Classroom Teacher training as part of this grant. *2 days in RI. If you are unsure of teacher at this time, please indicate the number of teachers you plan to send: *
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