The China List - Screenwriter Promotion 中国名单 - 编剧推广
We will soon be launching “The China List” – a new database to connect writers and filmmakers with producers, financiers and distributors in Hollywood and China. To kick off our launch, we are offering free membership for the first 50 writers until the end of 2019.

我们将很快推出“中国名单”—— 一个新的数据库,将编剧、电影制作人与好莱坞和中国的制片人、金融家和发行商联系起来。为了启动我们的新网站,我们为前50名编剧提供免费会员资格,直到2019年底。
Would you be interested in joining a paid membership website where you could get your script in front of Chinese and American decision-makers? 您是否有兴趣加入会员网站?它让您把你的剧本放在中国和好莱坞决策者面前。
For a limited time, the first 50 writers will be sent a password to upload one script. 在有限的时间内, 我们将给前50位编剧发送密码上传他们的剧本,每位可以上传一个剧本。
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