Scavenger Hunt on #MTBoS
Learn about the power of the Math-Twitter-Blogosphere with some exploration.
Some of the answers are contained in the links.  The purpose is to expose you to some amazing websites.  Check them out.  Try them.  Play with them.  Look around.  Take a chance and use them in class.
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1.)  Enter your First Name.  
2.)  Enter your State.
3.)  Go to  Go to Pattern #86.  How many circles would be in Step 24 given Steps 1, 2, 3, and 4?  (Site by Fawn Nguyen.  Puzzle submitted by Michael Fenton.)
4.)  Go to  Go to Day 26.  Be honest - do NOT click on the answer.  How many pieces of candy corn come in the bag?  (Site by Andrew Stadel.)
5.)  Go to  Go to Numbers.  Go to Numbers Puzzle #2.  What is the three digit number that doesn't belong?  (Site by Mary Bourassa.  Inspired by Christopher Danielson.)
6.)  Go to  Go to the Puzzle posted on April 16, 2016 by Tracy Zager.  Type the number of apples you would rather have.  (Site by John Stevens.)
7.)  Go to  Go to the Puzzle posted on March 31, 2016.  Scroll to the Spirolateral created using digits of pi.  How many digits were used to create this?  (Site team: Anna Weltman, Justin Lanier, Mai Li, and Paul Salomon.)
8.)  Go to Be honest - try it. What is the exponent equal to?  (This puzzle is created by Robert Kaplinsky with answer by Michael Fenton. Site team: Nanette Johnson, Robert Kaplinsky, and Bryan Anderson.)
9.)  Go to  Go to Mobiles --> Play -->  Puzzler --> Puzzle 84.  Play with it.  What is the value of the hexagon?
10.)  Go to Type in the code RWZQ and find the Y value of the hole.
11.)  Go to  Do NOT scroll down to the answer.  Be honest.  Watch the Act 1 video.  Check out Act 2 for some more information.  Do not go down to Act 3 because the answer is there.  Give it a try.  How many pushups does Bucky have to do? (By Dan Meyer)
12.)  Thanks for playing.  Hopefully you learned about some new sites because created by amazing people.  Hope you take some more time to visit them and use them.  Did you have fun?
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