SUBTRACT – Stakeholders Questionnaire
In addition to your opinion, when filling out the form we will also be collecting your name and your email address (not mandatory). We will securely store this data until the end of the SUBTRACT Project (August 2023), when the research period will be over. Until then, we will use the information we collect with the survey, such as your name and email address, only for a follow-up if needed. Your opinion will only be used for the elaboration of the Regional Background Analysis, which is required by the project. We respect your trust and protect your privacy, and therefore will never sell or share this data with any third parties.
If you have any questions or change your mind, please contact us at:
1. Introduction
You are responding to the questionnaire as:
Clear selection

1. When responding as ‘public authority’, ‘waste management’, ‘reuse centres management’, ‘other stakeholders’ or ‘academic’ please note that you will also be asked to give your opinion as ‘citizen’. You will be responding to the set of questions related to your role together with the questions we set up for citizens to respond to.

2. With the expression “Reuse centres management” (Q1 (c)) we indicate “Management of a unit that collects re-use goods and/or prepares them for re-use and/or sells re-use goods or offers a service associated with re-use (e.g. Repair Cafè)”.

3. The following questionnaire is divided into two sections:

3.1. Section A has been conceived for all the respondents. The questions do not require any specific knowledge in the field of reuse. The aim is to collect your opinion on the matter.

3.2. Section B, instead, is addressed to experts in the reuse area. The questions entail a specific knowledge and expertise in the field of reuse.
Name (or name of the institution/organization you represent):
Email address (or email address of the institution/organization’s contact person):
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