Online Interview for Hijab Artist
Q1: What is your name or art name? *
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Q2: How long have you been in the Art community?
Q3: Where are you from?
(Optional) Country, or where you grew up. Tell us more about yourself.
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Q4: When did you start drawing hijab based artworks?
Which year did you started drawing, or had an interest / art feelings / art sense?
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Q5: Where did you usually publish your artwork?
Q6: What is your art page url link? *
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Q7: How do you usually draw?
Q7: How do you usually get your source of inspiration?
If the source of inspiration is a favorite artist, can also list down here
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Q8: What would be your favorite color schemes when drawing?
Do you have any colors in mind when started to draw? or just go with the flow?
Q9: Favorite brush style / stroke / coloring?
Q10: Digital Artist Section
(Optional) Whats your favorite application?
Q11: Most artist are introverts, but how introvert are you?
No worries, the author of this website is also an introvert person and also draws during his free time, he understands the voices of silence.
Q12: What’s your favorite Anime, Cartoon or TvShow?
(Optional) name a few of your most favorite shows
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Q13: Do you have any particular music, music artist that you like?
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Q14: How about past time hobbies? other than drawing Artwork
Maybe watching movies, Drinking Starbucks coffee alone, or just spend hours looking at artworks on Deviantart / Tumblr
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Q15: Featured Artwork for the Website
(Optional) Is it possible to share your most favorite artwork that you have drawn that has your watermark on it for us to display on our website? you can place a google drive share link below or share it with ( Its preferable that it is somewhat hijab related artwork, but if its not related to hijab artwork but nice to look at we will consider to put it up anyway, no problems.
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Thank you :)
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