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It's a simple way for me to read your story. And have a proper list so that I won't forget anybody. Let's support each other as authors.

PS: You won't get any feedback immediately the same day. (It depends on the length of my list of stories to read.)

Here is the picture. Story 1
Here is the picture. Story 2
Which story do you have to read ? (Which story did you saw when you agreed for the R4R or Review for Review.)
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How many episodes do you want to do an exchange on?
Review Exchange or Read for Read? (Whatever you pick, I expect the same.)
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When do you think you'll be able to return feedback? (It's totally normal, to take your time I'm not in a rush. We all have our occupations :) )
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Thank you so much for taking your time filling this form. Here is the link of my story below. Kindly read. Happy reading ;)
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