Spectro Centre for New Music - Call for Electroacoustic works for SEMAI/CIME-2020
Spectro Centre for New Music announces a call for electroacoustic works for SEMAI/CIME-2020 to be presented at the fifth edition of Tehran Contemporary Music Festival in June 2020 (exact dates to be announced in advance). Link to TCMF: https://tehrancmf.com.

Selected works might have a chance to be presented at the next general assembly of INTERNATIONAL CONFEDERATION OF ELECTROACOUSTIC MUSIC (CIME / ICEM) in October 2020 as musical works representing Iranian section of the Confederation - Spectro Centre for New Music (more information to be found here: http://spectrocentre.com/category/semaicime/.

Guidelines for participation:
- the call is open for all Iranian composers;
- each composer can send one work;
- electroacoustic composition should be for stereophonic or quadraphonic setup;
- duration of the piece should not be longer than 10 minutes;
- accepted formats are WAVE or AIFF (only uncompressed audio formats, mp3 formats will not be accepted).

Deadline for submissions is April 1st 2020.
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