Have you used our 'Around the Toilet' project materials?
Over the course of the Around the Toilet project, we have produced a range of materials which explore themes relating to the toilet. These materials have covered (in)accessibility, discrimination against queer, trans and disabled people, ableism, religion, gender, sexuality, bodies, parenting, workers’ rights, architecture and design, schools, and toilet ‘training’. Throughout the project, we have been keen to support others in using our work, including the materials and resources that we’ve produced. We now want to know if and how you may have used them!

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What is your name?
What organisation do you belong to?
How did you use our 'Around the Toilet' work?
What was your aim in using our materials?
Did using 'Around the Toilet' result in changing people’s attitudes towards toilets and/or changing the available toilet provision?
Do you have any feedback (either from yourself or others) that you can share? If so, include below.
Is there anybody else that you think we should get in touch with, who may have also used Around the Toilet’s work?
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