VR Search Survey
With the recent update of Wiimmfi being able to bring on-the-fly updates and features to everyone regardless of what patcher they use, it seemed like the most ideal time to ask people about this topic again. Answer each question honestly and share this survey with as many people as possible. Thanks!
What is your average VR? *
Do you feel like the opponents you are being matched up with are too easy, too hard, or just right for your skill level? *
Should Wiimmfi use a server-wide VR search like Nintendo WFC had? VR search currently only applies to CTGP Revolution players and Custom Track Worldwides. *
What do you believe should be the VR search range for matchmaking? *
The CTGP Revolution VR search formula has an 80 second search timer before just finding someone with any range of VR. If you think this should be changed, what should the new timer be? *
The idea of a VR search range dependent on your VR value has been discussed before. Example being if you are at 9000, you can find people within 1000 VR of you, and the range increases as you have lower VR. It also seems like having no search timer would be best for this concept. Does this idea interest you? *
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