Apply for INDIE SOURCE Student Brand Ambassador Program!
Introducing a brand-new opportunity designed exclusively for fashion students like you. Help represent Indie Source, increase brand awareness amongst students who don’t know about our amazing Los Angeles-based clothing manufacturing structure, and help promote our services and organize on-campus marketing campaigns, workshops, tours for our students, and guest lectures from Indie Source speakers with you in the spotlight as a goodwill spokesperson.

Plus, leading the way on your campus comes with its own perks. Once successfully becoming a part of this elite team, members become eligible for an exclusive opportunity to work with Indie Source to create their own fashion line with eligible discounts, including a free Development Kickoff ($197 value), access to our internal fabric library, patterns as well as guidance from senior leadership. and if that wasn't enough, Indie Source will even pay you for any projects that you help bring to our team.

If you are a passionate, creative and energetic individual willing to promote and facilitate Indie Source, this is just the right thing for you!
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The Core Traits of a Brand Ambassador
A Student Brand Ambassador is someone who enjoys meeting new people, encourages others to get involved and is happy to help answer any questions. Respect for social, cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds of all people is required. Willingness to undertake relevant training as appropriate to the role, and able to work in partnership with fellow students and Indie Source staff. Flexible and pro-active and able to think on your feet. Marketing skill set will ensure success when publicizing events on various social media, links, and print media.

* A High Level of Professionalism
* Leadership Skills
* A Passion for Building and Growing Relationships
* Ability to Gather Feedback and Provide Innovative Insight
* Public Speaking
* Time Management is a Crucial Skill
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