2019 Vivant Wreath Order Form
Vivant Gardening Services has teamed up with Linda Laake Designs to create one-of-a-kind wreaths for the holiday season. And as an added bonus, a portion of proceeds from this year's sales will support the Montrose Metra Community Garden in Ravenswood. Don't miss out on your chance to support two local women-owned businesses and a great non-profit. Talk about the Holiday Spirit!

Just fill in and submit the form below. You will be sent an invoice that you can then pay in advance of your delivery date.

Please place your order by November 30, 2019. Pick up and delivery of wreaths will be available starting the week of December 9th (see form). You will be able to stipulate delivery details at the end of your order:
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Fragrant Classic Evergreen - Full Wreath (fresh)- $55
Featuring fresh juniper, pine, cedar, eucalyptus and more. This wreath smells incredible!
Classy and Cheerful Evergreen - Half Wreath (fresh) - $35
Featuring seasonal berries and evergreens in a bright, fresh blend.
Festive Flora Evergreen - Full Wreath (fresh/dried combo)- $75
This is our Fragrant Classic Evergreen featuring dried local flora carefully preserved and jam packed into a festive display for the seasons.
Everlasting Eucalyptus - Half Wreath (dried) - $35
Featuring fragrant eucalyptus and dried local flora that will maintain this welcoming look indefinitely.
Beauty Blend (Purple Hues) - Half Wreath (dried) - $45
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