Survey regarding Baltimore Women's March 2019
Please take a moment to answer these questions to help plan the Baltimore Women's March. Then join us December 8 for a planning session.
Did you attend the 2018 Baltimore Women's March?
If you answered yes, what was your overall experience? Please let us know what you thought about last year's March.
Your answer
If you answered no, please tell us if it was because of scheduling or if you disagreed with women's march or the organizers.
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Where do you think we should hold the March in January?
Which date and time works better for you?
If you are planning on going to the Women's March in Washington DC would you also attend one in Baltimore at a different time?
Who are your suggestions for speakers?
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How important is making Baltimore Women's March t-shirts and merchandise available important to you?
Very Important
Not Important At All
What other suggestions do you have for 2019 Baltimore Women's March?
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Do you want to be involved in helping to plan the Baltimore Women's March?
Please leave us your name and email if you'd like to help plan the march or if you just want us to keep in contact with you.
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