Phoenix Guides Contribution Sprint
We’ll be running a contribution sprint relating to the Phoenix Guides on Wed Sep 6 from 9-5 pm during ElixirConf.

Join us for this sprint to help move Phoenix forward. In-person sprints are often the most effective (and fun) way to tackle difficult code challenges and to get mentored on how to submit patches and work on issues.

We’ll begin this single day contribution sprint by doing a live run through of the current guides, where we’ll aim to do a quick review for inaccuracies or areas for improvement. We’ll then spend the rest of the day working in small teams/groups in order to working through some of those issues and others that we select from the open issues/PRs on the Phoenix Guides github repo. Lunch isn't supplied, and we'll break for lunch offsite/nearby.

The sprint is free to attend, but please don't register unless you definitely plan to attend. The sprint will be lead by Phoenix Core team members Gary Rennie and Jason Stiebs.

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