Students Pursuing the Public Health Major Contact List (Or students who wish to enroll in FMPH 40)
This is only for students not declared as a Public Health Major. If you are a declared Public Health Major we already have your information.

The department is currently unable to assess how many students are interested in Public Health Major but have yet to enroll in FMPH 40 and earn the required B or higher before being able to declare the major. Please fill out your information below so the department can track how many Pre-Public Health Majors we currently have.

Please Note: This is also to assist with the FMPH 40 waitlist. If you are trying to get into FMPH 40 and are not a declared Public Health major, this list is the only way we know you are working towards the major requirements or interested in enrolling in the course. It is rare that the department can open up any seats for open enrollment and if we are able to open a limited number of seats for open enrollment it is typically only in the spring and fall quarters.

Thank you.

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Thank you for completing this form. Please feel free to contact the Public Health Advising Office with any questions you may have.
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