Blue Ridge Elementary - End of Year Parent Survey- May 2018
The School Improvement Team is preparing parent outreach and student activities for next school year. Please complete the following survey and return it to your child's teacher by the end of the week. If you prefer an online version for convenience, please check out our Blue Ridge Elementary Homepage for the link to the survey. We value your comments!
Which of the following activities would you be interested in attending? *
Please check all that apply.
What type of homework do you think is beneficial to your child? *
Please check all that apply.
This year, approximately how much time did your child spend on homework each night? *
Which of the following BRES traditional activities would you like to see continue? *
Check all that you would like to see stay at BRES.
Does your child/student have internet access at home? *
How could we further benefit you or your child?
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