[ CIT ] 大廳預約參訪
Presented by Plan b
歡迎使用 CIT 大廳場地預約參訪表單,請詳閱以下相關事項說明:
1. 您已瀏覽過 CIT 官方網站 (www.cit.tw),對此空間有初步的認識及了解。
2. 您已詳閱 CIT 大廳空間介紹及收費標準 。
3. 網路預約完成後,僅代表完成預約手續,並非預約成功。
  CIT 會根據您所提供的 Email,與您連繫確認實際參訪日期與時間。
4. 在確定參訪時段後,如因故必須取消或重新安排參訪時段,
請於預約前 2 個工作日以 email 通知取消,否則不另行安排其他時段。
5. 參訪當日應攜帶相關證明文件,以利工作人員核對身份。
6. 非經同意,禁止將所拍攝之 CIT 空間照片及其他任何資料作為商業用途。
7. 本表單僅提供預約參訪,無法查詢、取消,如有其他事項問題,
We are glad to see you here. Please kindly read the following reminders:
1. You have read our website (www.cit.tw) and had a basic understanding of CIT Lobby.
2. You have read the introduction and the charges standard of Lobby.
3. After your submission, CIT will contact you to check further details. The booking will be confirmed only after our contact.
4. If you want to rearrange time/date or cancel it, please mail CIT at least 2 weekdays prior to the appointed date.
5. On arrival, you should check-in in advance at reception. (IDs will be checked.)
6. Without approval, photos taken in and information provided by CIT must not be be used for commercial purposes.
7. You can only submit your booking on this form. If you want to check, rearrange or cancel the booking, please send your request to cit@theplanb.cc.
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