SGA Candidate Form 2019-2020
Please complete all the information below. Deadline is April 10.
This information must be submitted by the deadline for your application to run for office to be considered complete. Any questions or concerns please see Mr. Brown.
This application is intentionally long. It’s length builds an element of self-selection into the application, weeding out students tempted to pursue leadership for the wrong reasons.
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Student Name- First & Last *
Student email address. *
Your current grade *
Select the SGA position for which you would like to be considered a candidate. *
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Candidate Question #1- To you, what does it mean to be a leader?
Candidate Question #2- Why do you want to be on the student leadership team?
Candidate Question #3- What three words would you use to describe your leadership skills? It's ok to be a beginner- learning is a BIG part of serving in a selected position.
Candidate Question #4- What’s one way you’d like to grow as a leader in the next year? How would being a part of our Student Leadership Team enable you to do this?
Candidate Question #5- In your opinion, what are the characteristics of a leader? How have you demonstrated these qualities in your own leadership experience?
Candidate Question #6- What other activities are you involved in? (Sports, Extracurricular Activities, Jobs, Clubs, etc.) Are you in leadership roles in any of these activities? If so – which and in what capacity? Will any of these cause a scheduling problem for you? If so – explain. *
Candidate Goals- If elected to serve on the leadership team, what are your individual goals for the coming year in regards to the experience?
Candidate Statement- The Candidate Statement is a brief and formal statement explaining your qualifications and reasons for running for office. Please include any plans or ideas you may have for improvements or changes. These statements will be posted during the days prior to the election. Candidate statements are limited to 250 words. *
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