Crew 202 Code of Conduct

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    I will be kind and respectful to all.
    I will be obedient and cheerful in following the direction of my leaders.
    I will listen courteously when asked to participate in coaching, discussion, or problem solving.
    I will not use foul or abusive language.
    I will not leave the area where my crew is gathered except with permission and with a buddy.
    I will participate cheerfully and constructively in the planned activities.
    I will be helpful in setting up and cleaning my work and camping areas, and helping others with theirs.
    I will care for crew equipment, using and maintaining it properly.
    I will respect the property of other crew members and will not use it without their permission.
    I will set a positive example for other crew members.
    I will do my best in competition and be gracious in both victory and defeat.
    I will represent Crew 202 in a positive light at all times through my behavior and attitude.
    I will make group needs a priority over my own preferences.
    I will make any disagreements or issues known in a constructive way.
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