Improving safety on San Vicente Bl.
The City of Los Angeles will be repaving San Vicente Bl between Fairfax and La Brea in December 2020. This street is on the City's 2035 Mobility Plan with a protected bike lane (protected by parked cars or bollards). When repaving the street, the city has an opportunity to implement the mobility plan.
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San Vicente Bl.
The San Vicente protected bike lane would:

a) provide a first/last mile solution to help people get to/from the Purple Line station or local trips without having to drive
b) move traffic and pollution away from homes on San Vicente Bl
c) maintain current level of accessibility for emergency vehicles through the area.
d) maintain driveway access

The end result would maintain two vehicle traffic lanes (the same configuration as streets like La Brea, Fairfax, Olympic, Pico, and most other major streets in Los Angeles), parking, and the median as is, while adding a curb side bike lane. It would also reduce the likelihood of speeding cars on San Vicente.

Here are some stats about traffic:

As an example, Pico has 2 vehicle traffic lanes in each direction whereas San Vicente has 3 currently. If San Vicente went down to 2, the street would still serve fewer cars at rush hour than Pico.

From a traffic count in the last few years:
At PEAK, Pico (at Burnside) carries 1,870 cars per hour Westbound and 1,759 cars per hour Eastbound
At PEAK, San Vicente (at Hauser) carries 1,622 cars per hour Westbound and 1,470 cars per hour Eastbound
Before/After rendering of San Vicente Bl.
I support a re-configuration of San Vicente Bl - maintaining 2 traffic lanes (instead of 3), parking, emergency vehicle access and access to driveways while adding a parking protected bike and pushing traffic away from homes. *
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