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Is the number provided above a legacy number or a new number?
As a result of switching to the new AA records system, new numbers were created for all groups. All groups organized before mid-Oct 2019 will have two numbers. The old numbers are called "legacy numbers". Groups organized after mid-Oct 2019 will have only the new number.
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NOTE: If the group wants to change its name, give the current name first followed by the new one.
Group Meeting Location
Please provide the name of the building in which the group meets (e.g. club, church, business). If meeting in a private residence, please say so. NOTE: If the group has two meeting locations, list only one here; there is another section for listing additional meeting locations)
Is the meeting location and its restrooms wheelchair accessible?
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Meeting Days and Times
List the day and time of the meeting (e.g. Tues 7:00 pm). If the group meets more than once a day, list meeting times separated by commas (e.g. Tues 8:00 am, 12:00 pm). If the group meets multiple days during the week, list each day and time(s) on a separate line (hit "enter" to move to the next line).
Meeting Format
How is the meeting structured? (e.g. speaker, Big Book, 12x12). Also note if there are different formats on specific days.
Is this meeting open to non-AA members?
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