PayPal Fee Calculator Fee Rate Request
Submit a PayPal Fee Rate to add to or update in the PayPal Fee calculator! Please enter all fields along with the PayPal fee rate URL where the fee is described for verification.
Update existing fee rate or add a new one? *
Country or Region (e.g. "United States") *
The country or region where the recipient receives the PayPal payment. This is the country or region that appears in the country/region selector and where the fee rate will be grouped by in the calculator.
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Currency (e.g. “United States dollars”) *
The currency to use for the calculation, which should be the same as what’s used in PayPal’s fees page.
Currency Code (e.g. “USD”) *
The currency code for the above currency. This appears In the calculator in parenthesis after the country/region in the country/region selector.
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PayPal Fee Rate URL (e.g. “”) *
We check this url to verify that the requested fee rate exists, before adding it to the calculator. This is also the URL that we link to with a “?” next to the country/region chooser.
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