Senior Exit Survey 2019
Please answer the following questions about your future plans.
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Your email address: List one that you will be using after you graduate not your school email. *
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Phone Number where you can be reached.
Have you APPLIED to a college or tech school? *
If you answered YES, have you been accepted? *
Have you REGISTERED for classes for college or tech school in FALL 2019-2020? *
If you are Deferring, What are your other plans until you return to school? *
What school do you plan to attend? (If undecided, list all choices). Or, if you are going straight to a job/career, what are your plans? *
What are your future job/career plans, say in 5-10 years? *
If you are planning on going into the military what branch of service and when is your leave date?
If you are attending a college, university, or tech school, have you filled out the FAFSA for financial aid? *
Have you been recruited to play a college sport? *
If you answered YES, have you registered for NCAA?
If you are playing a college sport where did you sign to play?
List all ACADEMIC scholarships that you have received with the $ amount (If you're not sure, put an approximate amount). If you do not know if you have received any scholarships please indicate that as well. *
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