Unblocked Conference 2020 - Application for Exhibition Space
Thank you for your interest in showcasing at the exhibition space at the "Blockchain for Sustainability" unconference!

- Where? Vienna University of Economics, Zaha Hadid Building
- When? 19th May 2020
- Who? 500 guests (Startups, researchers, policy makers, NGOs, students)
- How?
Full day conference with blockchain startups and researchers on stage
Full day exhibition of startups in the exhibition space next to the conference
- Website: http://unblock3d.net

Please note that this is an application form and that we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
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Exhibition space is presented in the photo below. Please note that the layout will be different and much more interactive than in the photo.
What will you need for your exhibition space?
Consider that the conference visitors will come to explore the stands and get to know your organisation. We will try to provide everything what you need and contact you in this regard.
This is what it was like in 2019
Is there anything else we need to know?
Thank you!
We will contact you soon.
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