Datanomy: data privacy exercises

How does our data become the property of others? What happens to information about us when they start living their own lives on the Internet?
We invite you to practical workshops and discussion on privacy on the web. Together with the participants we will go through a number of practical exercises during which we will try to make our smartphones more secure. We will change both the settings on our devices and our own habits.
The workshop is aimed at all those who think they have nothing to hide, so they don't need privacy on the Internet and those who think that data protection is something as complicated as building a space rocket. We warn you that after practicing data privacy these opinions may change.

The exercises will be hosted by Agnieszka Pokrywka who is a multidisciplinary educated hybrid in the field of animated film and art criticism (Poznan University of Arts) and computer simulations and physics (Poznan University of Technology). She is particularly interested in creating multi-perspective narratives that tell old stories anew. On a daily basis she cooperates with computers, bacteria and people. She also co-creates the Super Eclectic collective.

The regulations are available on the website:

WHEN: Friday / 23 Oct. at 17-20
WHERE: It will be held via an online platform which participants will receive access to on the day of the event.
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