Mock Test Unit 8 - Work
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1 - What is the activity of the primary sector that consists on farming plants?
2 - Which mining practice is more dangerous because miners have to work in tunnels under the Earth's surface?
3 - Look at the photo. Imagine you are a farmer and you have this type of crops.
Do they need an artificial irrigation system?
4 - The tuna is a fish that lives in open sea, not near the coast, as you can see in the video. Watch the video and then answer the questions.
Which type of fishing activity is carried out to fish tuna?
5 - Classify the following jobs into their correct sector.
Primary sector
Secondary sector
Tertiary sector
Factory worker
Bus driver
Clay craft worker
6 - Watch the following video about the transformation process of milk into cheese. Then answer the questions?
In the video we can see a cows farm. They are in an enclosed space. What type of livestock farming is it?
Later, the milk is transported in a lorry. The lorry driver belongs to...
In the factory there are some people whose profession is "cheese makers". These people belong to the...
Which is the raw material in the video?
Which is the manufactured material in the video?
7 - Look at the diagrams, read and answer the questions
In which country do most people work in the primary sector?
In which country do most people work in secondary sector?
In which country do most people work in the tertiary sector?
8 - Read the following group of words. Select the odd one out.
Primary sector
Irrigated crops
Tertiary sector
Craft worker
Health care
Industrial worker
Unique products
Identical products
Less expensive
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