Our Commitment to Give
2020 has been a difficult year for all of us--emotionally, financially, and physically. Your giving to First Presbyterian Church helps us to continue proclaiming hope and love during these challenging times, and also helps us to budget for what ministries we are able to provide in the year to come.
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In fulfillment of my membership vows, and in order to deepen my relationship with God and my church, I commit to supporting the ministries of First Presbyterian Church in 2021 in one or more of the following ways:
I would like to pledge a financial contribution to First Presbyterian Church on the following recurring basis:
My intended financial contribution to the church will be:
I would like to contribute the following in-kind professional services to the church in the year to come (please describe):
Some suggested giving guidelines:
• If you are new to giving, consider starting with a gift of $25 each week.
• If you are already a regular contributor and would like to do more, try to increase your current gift by 3 to 5%.
• A commendable goal is the “tithe” which traditionally means 10% of your regular household income.
• If you or your family are experiencing financial, emotional, or family hardship, try setting aside just $1 each day as a gift.
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