ZH3 2018-2019 Perplexions and Reflections
Reflect on the hashes of this past ZH3 Hash Season ( Hash #1148, The hash you won't remember (!) till 1232) and Nominate your most cherished and most painful moments of the year! A good starting point to go down memory lane is: https://www.meetup.com/The-Zurich-Hash-House-Harriers/events/2018-09/
Hash of the Year
The trail that made you tingle, get excited, after a whole year you still can't get it out of your head! State the Hash Number & Name, and brief description why the that Hash was awesome!
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Hardship Hash of the Year
The trail that left the most scars, left deep mental wounds, made you question your life choices! State the Hash Name and Number and perhaps Name the hares (Slippery probably), and brief description why that hash should go down in the history books as an ultimate soul breaker!
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Other nominations
Go wild here, Best/Worst On After, Funniest RA/B/C, Best Hare, Best trial, best/worst marking etc etc
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