Service Match Graduate Student Application Form
Thank you for your interest in the Service Match program. This program matches skilled volunteers with ongoing volunteer opportunities in non-profit organizations near the University of Chicago, Hyde Park campus.

In order to match you to the organization that best fits your skills and interests, please complete the following information.

General Background Information
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Some volunteer sites may require a background check. Are you willing/able to complete a criminal background check?
Do you require a volunteer site that is accessible for individuals with a disability?
Service Match requires a full academic year commitment. Volunteers are expected to participate at their service sites at least 4 hours each week, as well as team meetings twice a quarter. The schedule for participating may be flexible depending on the site. Please confirm that:
Non-Profit Experience
Provide information about your experience working in non-profits. Please note: experience in the non-profit sector is not a requirement for this program.
What experience do you have working with non-profit organizations?
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Do you have experience managing volunteers/volunteer projects?
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Personal Interest
Please tell us more about why you are personally interested in being a part of this program.
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What areas of service are you interested in?
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How do you foresee your participation in this program influencing or enhancing your academic experience?
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How do you foresee your participation in this program influencing your personal or professional growth?
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