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1. Embark as proficient resource for industry that focuses on providing solutions pertaining to Information Technology
Had there been instances when he/she was able to improve upon the design that was originally suggested *
Does he/she keep himself/ herself updated with latest technologies *
How often is he/she able to demonstrate his/ her analytical abilities in a project or situationDoes he/ she show the ability to use knowledge and skills to devise solutions to unfamiliar problems *
How many times was he/ she particularly effective on prioritizing tasks to complete a project on schedule *
2. Function efficiently by demonstrating communication skills, team abilities and proficiency for aligning with technological upgrades in IT industry.
Does he/ she work in teams *
Does he/ she ever has difficulty working with a collegues/team/associate *
Is he/ she able to vary his/ her communication approach according to the person or situation you were addressing *
Does he/ she study on own the technology you are using at workplace but he/ she is not fluent with *
Did he/ she have to learn new techniques/ tools *
Does he/ she participate in new projects / working groups in your workplace *
Did you find him/ her reluctant to learn a new tool or procedure or technique as and when required *
What was the minimum/ maximum size of the teams he/ she has worked with *
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What was his/ her role in the team?(e.g developer,designer etc) *
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Has he/ she ever contributed in completion of a significant document or report? If yes please specify the document type and his/ her role. *
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3. Exhibit social responsibilities by following ethical practices in professional pursuit.
Does he/ she make extra efforts to meet deadlines *
Does he/ she make extra efforts to meet deadlines *
Does he/ she participate in social and community activities *
Does he/ she demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of applicable regulations *
Have you observed him/ her undertaking any activity with the aim of adding value to the economical / social development of society or some part of the society around him/ her? Please specify if any *
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Has he/ she ever been charged for any kind of illegal or against the law action *
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Has he/ she ever found an error in his/ her own work and admitted it and rectified him/ her self *
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Please specify if you have any other suggestions regarding the program *
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