Elko Retail & Shopping Survey
Tell us how you shop when you shop out of town. Sponsored by Ruby Radio. Your responses are all anonymous.
Q1. Do you shop exclusively in the Elko area?
Q2. How often do you travel to shop?
Q3. What is the estimate amount spent ANNUALLY on shopping, dining, and entertainment outside of the Elko area? (even if that is over multiple trips)
Q4. What do you shop for outside of the Elko market, both online and in store? (select the top 3 that apply)
Q5. What types of retail is most lacking in Elko? (select the top 3 that apply)
Q6. How far are you willing to drive for a "good deal" on a major purchase?
Q7. When you do travel out of town for shopping, what other activities are you likely to do once you're there? (select the top three)
Q8. How likely are you to travel out of town for medical services?
Not at all likely
I do this regularly
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