2016-17 Watershed Education Evaluation
This is an assessment of the International Water Institutes' 2016-17 watershed education program, River Watch Forum, and an opportunity for teachers to provide suggestions and feedback for the 2017-18 programs.
Please select your state
How many years of River Watch experience do you have?
How does the River Watch program offerings help meet your educational teaching requirements?
Not at all
Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the River Watch program offerings?
Very dissatisfied
Very satisfied
Please rate the quality of the watershed science activities offered by River Watch?
Low Quality
High Quality
Please rate the staff that assist you with your River Watch activities?
In 2016-17, which of the following River Watch program offerings have you participated in? (check all that apply)
How likely are you to continue utilizing the River Watch programs?
Not at all likely
Extremely likely
How likely is it that you would recommend River Watch to a colleague or neighboring school?
Not at all likely
Extremely likely
Which do you prefer as a requirement for the River Watch Forum assignment?
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