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The coronavirus pandemic continues to have far-reaching impacts on our daily lives, specifically, it continues to affect students across Ottawa. For those with a supportive and safe area to study, a stable internet connection, and adequate technology, it was a relatively easy transition; however, for underprivileged students, the transition was difficult. Therefore, GoelTutoring has created a unique program aimed at teaching K-12 students, who are suffering from the pandemic, in a variety of subjects for free.

This is a volunteer opportunity; tutors will not be paid. Tutors may request for volunteer hours and other related information upon completing an academic term of tutoring.

Tutors will be matched based on the student’s grade, subject(s), day & time preference, and other factors indicated by the student/family.

Guidelines/Terms of Agreement for Tutors:
- Confidentiality must be protected
- Must use an online platform (e.g., Google Meets, Zoom)
- Committed to teaching a 1-hour lesson per week for an academic term
- If you need to reschedule a lesson, this must be done at least 24 hours prior
- Must be punctual to lessons and create meeting links
- Coordinate with the student and parent(s)
- Be respectful

Questions should be directed to anish.goel461@gmail.com
Website: https://www.anishgoeltutoring.com/

Thank you for expressing interest in becoming a tutor; together we can help make a difference in our communities!
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