Gauge Your Anger Questionnaire!
We do not realize how much the emotion of anger can impact the outcome of conflict! Please check the responses below that best fit how you would assess your anger.
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What Do You Do With Your Anger?
How often do you become angry in a normal day?
Do other people comment on your anger?
Do you believe you are critical of yourself and others?
Do others tell you that you are too critical of yourself and others?
Do you tend to blame others for your bad luck or unhappiness?
Do you frequently find yourself starting or participating in arguments?
Do you consider yourself a patient person?
Have you damaged property during an angry outburst?
Have you ever physically harmed another person during an angry outburst?
Has your anger ever caused work or relationship problems?
Have you ever been charged with a violent crime?
Do you suffer from road rage?
Do you often feel misunderstood, ignored, or disliked?
Do you obsess on negative experiences or think about getting revenge on others?
Have you ever been involved in an abusive relationship?
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